Ukraine will ban import and sale of diesel and gasoline cars from 2030


You want to laugh, or you want to cry, but in the post-Soviet space, only two countries practically at the state level are pursuing a policy of decarbonizing the transport industry, this is # Belarus, and Ukraine. If

There are many reasons, we will not go into politics. It was just strange to talk about electromobilization in Ukraine, when there was an economic crisis in the country, a decrease in population, a decrease in territories, an incessant # war, where sometimes a brother goes against a brother.

And against all this background, the Verkhovna Rada (Supreme Soviet) of Ukraine received a message that

Surely this # bill is going to get a lot of sarcastic smiles right now. It’s clear. But what can this mean if this bill is passed and put into effect? The answer is simple. This means that with a similar policy in Europe (which we have been informing you about for a long time), all used fossil fuel transport will not rush to Ukraine. Where this wave might go is anyone’s guess. In any case, the bill is pretty clear and logical. In the cities, over time, there will be no personal ICE cars. They will remain for some time, only in the fleets of law enforcement agencies, in agriculture, and other areas where specialized # heavy transport is used. And then only as long as the internal combustion engine does not replace the # hydrogen transport.

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