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Today, most sensible people are clear that we, as civilization, is not already on the threshold of «tectonic» changes in transport and energy, but are inside the process itself. It covers almost all developed countries in Asia, Europe and America. The advantage of the interests of the fossil fuel sphere remains the case of a small number of freaks, and those who really lose income due to the global trend on decarbonization.

The reality is that one of the most important decarbonization factors will be the new hydrogen industry, which in its scale to the middle of the current century will exceed the financial indicators if not gas, then the oil is accurate. It will happen because almost all heavy transport will be transferred to the use of hydrogen, from ocean dry cargo to small aviation and

In our materials, the name of the US Energy Minister, the former Governor of Michigan Jennifer Granghalm appears increasingly. She is not just an official who put to serve the term at the post, it is energetic and ideologically charged.

Starting at the post of minister of energy, she, without losing time, was engaged in promoting the entire spectrum of pure energy in the United States. And these are not illegal relations, but concrete measures to support the development of production, the creation of relevant infrastructure, and the ecosystem of clean energy consumption. One of the directions of this policy was a hydrogen theme.

Ministry of Energy has developed a strategy «

One of the main tasks of this strategy is to increase hydrogen production, using various technological processes. There are several basic variants of hydrogen production — electrolysis at low and high temperatures, photoelectrochemical and solar thermochemical splitting of water, thermochemical transformation of biomass, also microbial transformation of biomass and waste streams, also using wind farm energy, nuclear power energy, steam reforming of methane, and obtaining coal hydrogen .


To understand the price order, today «green» # hydrogen costs from $ 2.50 to $ 6.80 per kilogram, «turquoise» hydrogen from $ 1.40 to $ 2.40 per kg and «blue» hydrogen from 1.40 to 2 , $ 40 per kg. For example, in 2019, in California, hydrogen at a few gas stations were offered at a price of $ 16.51 per kg.

And returning to quotes from # Jennifer Grangholm, which I led it above, it should be noted that the course to reduce the cost of hydrogen kg is not just a global trend, it is almost a time competition. For example, # The Government of India also solves the task of increasing hydrogen production with the use of solar power plant energy, which should provide a total price ranging from 1st to 2 dollars per 1 kg. And again, it should be implemented in the current decade.

Reducing the cost of hydrogen will make this type of fuel not just very competitive, according to US MINEnergo estimates, this will provide an additional reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by 16% by 2050, as well as

Due to the features of hydrogen as fuel, in parallel with its production, the corresponding infrastructure of its transportation and storage is created. And these are not only classic cylinders, these are also adsorbents based on carbon nanotubes and metal hydrides. And all this as a whole is also new technologies, and new jobs.

If you carefully examine the initiative of «Hydrogen Shot», then you understand that the current government is the USA, in the face of Jennifer Granghalm for sure, lives and creates the future today. It was possible to say that oil workers and gas workers will take care of themselves, and this program will eventually destroy them, but it is not true. Today, many oil and gas companies have stood on the transformation path. They are invested in the creation of renewable energy capacity, in the production of hydrogen, and charging networks for electric vehicles. This process is truly comprehensive. One example of which we will tell a little later is an oil and gas giant from Norway, #equinor company.

We have # in Russia, with high stands, too, have become a lot and often talk about hydrogen. We will also write about it, discuss. The only question is how much the words will be supported by concrete actions, and most importantly, who, as well as good faith, will perform. But with the quality of the performers and managers we have a problem. Many still sit in his head to snatch here and now, in one year they get «a few ends», but what will happen then, then here as the saying — «after us at least a flood.»

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