US President Joe Biden signs a sentence with gasoline and diesel vehicles


The current US President Joe Biden in his official Twitter announced that he had signed the appropriate order, which would make electromotive irreversible.

According to the order and Twitter by Bayden, by 2030, the US roads will ride at least 50% of all electric cars. This applies to both personal and commercial vehicles.

At the same time, he criticized the action of the previous administration of the White House, which in every way braked the development of the electric car.

Someone the implementation of these plans by Baiden still seems unreal. However, I want to recall that another spring in the United States was admitted to the implementation of an ambitious infrastructure plan, which, among other things, implies a multiple increase in the number of charge stations for electric vehicles, and decarbonization of the energy industry. So this is not empty words at all, but the implementation of a clear plan.

The result of its implementation will be a significant reduction in the consumption of petroleum products and gas as fuel for transport. And of course, problems for countries that will not want to transform the structure of their economy, and accordingly filling the budget.

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