Vladimir Vinnikov, Answer the question: «Who dances with the tambourine?»


Vladimir Vinnikov, deputy editor-in-chief of the newspaper # Tomorrow, in my comments for the channel # Eviards wrote: «… all dances with mass media tambourines around the» decarbonization «of the global economy and the transition to» green «, from» renewable sources «, energy are intended to obtain the same geopolitical competitive advantages as additional currency emission or «anti-epidemiological» restrictions … «

It is very sad that for the sake of the silence of a rapid «game» on the side of any political platform, the deputy chief of the respected publication resorts to controversial definitions without deeing in the topic.

Dear, Vladimir, if you consider the decarbonization of «dances with tambourines», having a certain conspiracy subtext, does this mean that you deny the urgent need for a radical transformation of the transport and energy sectors towards their environmental safety?

And if someone is crying for the «green» economy, then it would be logical to assume that someone is also engaged in the same oil market and benzo-diesel transport. Do not agree? You are talking about hypothetical «anti-epidemiological» restrictions, «but forget to say that the unrestrained increase in the number of gasoline and diesel transport, as well as coal generation, turned many megalopolises into spaces that are immersed in an endless smog. And what could this in the end? This undermined # health of millions of people, light disease, # asthma, # oncology.

But the dirt begins far from the places where we see this could. Dirt and poisoning begins in places of production, pumping and oil refining. Look at the spills of oil in Komi, to pollution of water in Norilsk, and so on.

So maybe you «dance with a tambourine», trying to protect certain structures, translating the arrows on supporters of pure transport and energy? Moreover, most of its own companies will still be transformed anyway.

In any case, all your words are vain, as they will not affect the transition to the «green» economy. And it is beneficial not only, and not so much corporations. It is advantageous, first of all, to people whose cities in 15-20 years will cease to envelop, thanks to which there will be fewer people who are ill with respiratory diseases, and oncology. From this will win # Flora and # Fauna of places where oil was previously mined. After all, by the middle of the century, it is not necessary to need such a volume of its production and processing, as today, since transport will largely become or accumulative or hydrogen. And you do not need to ask a stupid question «

Do you say that everything described above slogans? Let’s then turn to the realities of the energy transition, and in the focus of solutions and proposals of the Russian leadership.

It is true for the implications of the policy of decarbonization of energy in many countries, in particular, a gradual refusal to coal generation,

Do you need to explain why you need to diversify the economy in the coal mining regions?

Move on.

Well, complete a small excursion with examples

My personal opinion, in vain you, Vladimir, put your reputation on the con, trying to whiten what is in black and initially. Remember the old saying «

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