Volga-Akhtubinskaya floodplain: self-destruction of the nature in nature


The movement «EKA» reports that the other day activists of 20 Russian cities supported the protection of the natural park «

Volga-Ahtubinskaya floodplain is a specially protected area, which is a biosphere reserve # UNESCO. The purpose of the editorial office is to dig and understand the essence of what is happening. But the main thing to comprehend to which consequences of contemporaries will come society.

Volgograd with left-bank areas of the region connects Volzhskaya

But by the beginning of the 90s. Xxv. It became clear that # The road would not cope with this task. The federal level decided to build a full-fledged bridge transition.

Construction divided into 4 stages. The first — the dancing bridge — was delivered only in 2009. The second — the bridge over the Akhtuba River — put into operation in 2020, but the movement was launched in 2017.

And at the moment the question of the third stage is solved — this is the construction of the road connecting these bridges. Volga-Akhtubinskaya floodplain is located in this area.

Those who want to go deep into the details, I suggest learning a review

With any solution to nature will be influenced. That is, according to the assertion of builders, Volga-Akhtubinskaya floodplains and its inhabitants will suffer anyway.

They believe that «the most painless» option

However, the regional incompletes of the Volgograd region promises to plant 200 thousand new trees and shrubs. «Green» express doubts about the fact that the trees will come down. The region is increasingly drought.

GreenPeace generally comment on the situation as follows: «

On this # officials promise to care for seedlings for 10 years. That is, Volga-Ahtubinskaya floodplains and its plantations will be supervised.

Eco -activists and environmentalists consider the most adequate option to expand the existing road. Volga-Akhtubinskaya floodplain will in this case subjected to minimal impact.

However, the opponents of this option say that the existing Krasnoslobodsk road — the average Akhtuba itself is unsafe. But the main thing is to redo the infrastructure of nearby villages.

Demolish part of the houses in several localities. Reoper underground steel high pressure gas pipeline. In addition, to cut out the oak after the congress from the overpass.

Let’s break and look at the problem wider.

According to Avtostat in Russia, 45 million passenger cars are registered. As well as 4.2 million light commercial vehicles, 3.8 million trucks with a complete mass of more than three and a half tons and 0.4 million buses.

That is, each 1000 Russian families account for 313 cars. Or each third Russian has a car. And even the crisis in the pandemic influenced the demand of only 9.1%. In 2020, the «total» of 1.5 million passengers was sold.

And by September 2021 1.26 million cars were implemented. The demand is the demand is there, the dynamics are, people do not plan to stop. Even if they start riding on

We considered Moscow’s transportation as an example. There are 3.8 million cars, and in the Moscow region more than 8 million. The length of highways in 2019 exceeded 6 thousand km. At the same time, from 2011 to 2018, 820 km of roads were built, 254 artificial structures (bridges, overpass and tunnels) and 218 pedestrian crossings. But these measures do not greatly help in a situation with traffic jams.

Although # Statistics says that compared with 2010, the load on the roads of Moscow fell by 25%. In the capital, it is planned to build about 500 kilometers of new roads. 100 km of new roads per year are percussion pace.

That is, all regions will face the problem of inconsistency of the bandwidth of roads. Therefore, Volga-Akhtubinskaya floodplains is today’s example of how ecology issues can be resolved in the country. By the way, they rise more and more. So it’s time for new approaches.

Volga-Ahtubinskaya floodplain and the situation around her became examples of choosing a modern person. That is, it turns out that at the level of public consciousness it is easier for us to destroy the ecosystem of nature, which is created by five dozen years than for 10 years to redo the infrastructure of the human settlement. And we all know well how quickly the person is adapted to inconvenience, and to the new environment. Much faster than forests and their ecosystems.

If we want to apply the approaches proposed by the Administration of the Volgograd region, it is logical to begin transformation in advance. For example, from the moment of awareness of the problem, that is, 30 years ago. Or at the time of launch of the first stage of construction. Then now there would be no disputes about «takes place», and we would have reached the fruits of human wisdom.

And instead, we have a construction site that destroys the habitats of the red-born species of animals and plants. On the line of the tracks are places of meeting of Orlana-Belokhvorost. In total, there are 53 species of birds and 10 species of vascular plants listed in the Red Book of Russia. By deforesting, old-age floodplain oaks fall, where the age of individual oaks reaches 120 years.

What will we do with the adaptation of transport infrastructure within the natural nature? Enter tight restrictions on the protection of natural territories in the name of preservation of species? Tighten the construction stages? That is, not «we will now cut down, and then put the», but «at first put, grow, and then cut down.»

Trees do not know how to talk, but this is not an excuse to deprive them of life. After all, they give us the air, without which we will not be able to breathe.

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