Volkswagen complements ID family with new ID.5 cross-coupe


Volkswagen has begun production of a new electric model of the ID family at its Zwickau plant. Now Volkswagen’s line of electric vehicles based on the MEB modular platform consists of the ID.3 hatchback, the ID.4 crossover and the ID.6 SUV. Also on this base electric vehicles of the Skoda and Seat brands are assembled. Now this list will be joined by the new # ID.5 electric car and its «charged» version ID.5 GTX.

volkswagen id.5 is an electric crossover, created in one of the most popular cross-coupe body form factors now. Of course, its main competitor in all markets will be #tesla Model Y as well as #nio EC6. But personally, I’m more looking forward to the appearance in this segment of the cross-coupe from #renault, which will be produced under the Alpine brand.

As for the VW ID.5, its launch into production is very timely, although official sales will begin in about 3-4 months. # cross-coupe offers a combination of excellent qualities — off-road characteristics due to high ground clearance, good interior and trunk volume (in ID.5 it is 549 liters), while sporty design, and what is also great is that thanks to its geometry, the rear window and door will be much less dirty than «classic» crossovers and SUVs.

VW ID.5 will be equipped with a battery for

Perhaps one of the most exciting innovations in VW’s electric vehicles is the new charging system. ID.5 uses new solutions for on-board charging electronics, which allows the car to easily «digest» DC charging with a power of up to 135 kW. This will charge the electric vehicle.

I will not write about various kinds of assistants, everything is rich and standard here. For example, Travel Assist helps when driving and keeps the lane, Park Assistant Plus can independently park the car from memory, and so on. And all this can be activated with voice control.

Although actual pre-production has already started, pricing for this electric car has yet to be announced. This will probably be done at the next presentation, when in the spring of 2022 this car will go into production and will be available to buyers. It will be interesting to compare its price with competitors.

With regard to VW’s strategy to expand the group’s electric vehicle lineup and transform production facilities, there are two news.



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