Volkswagen unveils new electric vehicle in popular cross-coupe class


Today the leading European electric vehicle manufacturer German company Volkswagen announced that in a month on September 7th at the Munich Motor Show the IAA will unveil a new electric car of the ID family — the ID.5 GTX cross-coupe. The cross-coupe today is one of the most popular classes of cars, and therefore it is not surprising that the new representative of the ID family will be in this form factor.

The ID.5 GTX will naturally be an all-wheel drive vehicle. An electric motor will be installed on each axle. A 150 kW motor will be installed on the rear axle, and 75 kW on the front. In total, the total power will be equal to 225 kW. The base mileage range is stated at 497 km. The battery capacity has not yet been disclosed by the manufacturer, saying only that it will be a «large lithium-ion battery.» It is likely that one of the trim levels will have a 77 kWh battery, such as is installed on the ID.4 SUV. But you can also expect a battery in the region of 100 kWh.

Naturally, the crossover will have all modern information and cloud technologies, as well as control assistants and autopilot that are already available on the ID.3 and ID.4 models.

The model, as they say in the company, will be presented practically in a serial version, which will go into production in the near future. In a press release, the company says that the new electric car will go to dealers next year.

Here Volkswagen, one could say that it is competing with #renault for the speed to market of an electric cross-coupe. But it is likely that Volkswagen will still be the first in this competition. Although the French company is also preparing an electric car in this form factor, as mentioned earlier, at the end of June,

Whom do you choose, «Frenchman» or «German»?

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