Why bike chain?



German company

Well, suggest yourself. If the electric bike has an electromotor and # battery that feeds the electricity motor, then why not remove the chain, putting a generator in a pedal carriage. Everything is logical and consistent. On this principle and system created

Forget forever about the possible entry of clothing elements between the chain and the asterisk, about dirt from lubrication or spray.

Rather, this is a logical evolution.

The pedal generator, according to the company’s statements, can be used in all types of cycling, 2, 3 and 4 wheelchanders. This will especially be interesting and effective in the sector of the cycle delivery. As stressed in Schaeffler, presenting on Eurobike Courier’s Eurobike # tricycle with his pedal generator.

The time in which we live with you, almost every day gives us all new changes. Evolution, and even a revolution can be said, in the transport sphere it takes place in all segments, from bicycles, to heavy giant career dump trucks. As for two-wheeled vehicles, there is just an extraordinary freedom of expression for designers. Pro # Electric bike without hub and needles #reevo

And there are still a lot of discoveries and amazing innovations …

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