Will Tesla Bot humanoid robots be the first crews of Starship?


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Subscriber Elon Musk under the nickname Pope of Muskanity wrote: “

And the question is rightly posed. Remember Musk’s recent tweet, in which he said that on the moon and on Mars, the same take-off and landing infrastructure for the Starship ships will eventually be built, which is being built at the #spacex cosmodrome in # boka chica. But it takes a lot of manpower to do this. And it is clear that astronauts in spacesuits will not be able to do this. Therefore, there is only one natural solution here — # robots.

And Tesla showed its future robot.

Elon answered the subscriber’s question briefly, but with hope …

Before the Bot presentation, everyone was shown the latest chip from Tesla. This part of the #tesla ai day program was presented by Ganesh Venkataramanan, senior director of autopilot equipment at Tesla and project manager for Dojo. He elaborated on Tesla’s proprietary #dojo d1 chip, which delivers breakthrough bandwidth and computing performance with its groundbreaking 7nm technology.


Elon Musk wrote about the power of the new Tesla chip: “

Well, maybe the word «enough» in this context sounds a little ambitious, but the fact that it is already very close, and quite enough for humanoid robots to do the work for people, in particular on the arrangement of the first bases and launch sites on The moon and Mars, that’s enough.

Big is seen at the building, Yesenin wrote. Move away from #tesla, SpaceX, Tesla Bot … Look at this in general. Musk has created a vertically integrated corporation, each of which makes its own product that is in demand on Earth here and now — # electric cars, energy storage elements, solar panels, tunnels to «eliminate traffic jams» on the roads on the surface, spaceships, and now also an android , and a super performance chip. And many of these elements actually improve life on Earth, making the air cleaner and life safer.

Now put it all together, and you have a system that will make real human expansion in space. Science fiction films, where a person first colonizes objects in the solar system, and then moves on, becomes a reality. Now Elon is preparing element after element for this, which at the right time will be combined into a single mechanism.

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