With pleasure behind the wheel of BMW i4.


Not so long ago, this year, some automotive publications in Russia, as a certain victory of KVS supporters, filed information that supposedly BMW is not going to abandon internal combustion engines. We will not say that it was for the publication, but it was «elephant». Well, what do not do for the sake of fast khaip. They think so. But reality again overturns the hopes of the FUN lovers. Failure from # inevitable and it will happen in #BMW. Not tomorrow, but the process is launched, and it is irreversible.

The Bavarian Automobile Company officially announced the start of production at its head plant in Munich completely electric sedan BMW i4. Old and legendary BMW motto «

I admit honestly, I did not have passion to «Bumeer». I considered this brand inherent in pontovshchikov, not to mention the «brother» from the 90s. Well, yes, it’s cliché. And previous years, let BMW lovers forgive me, and this is a purely my subjective opinion and observation, if anyone has ported the air in the stream, byping the road to the SIZY smoke of a burning oil, then this was often the BMW. Now, very soon, everything will be different.

BMW in his official press release declares that

The new # electric car, its appearance, to a greater degree leaves a positive impression. Classic rapid bodies. The only thing that is somewhat confused is «nostrils», which turned into a «kidney». True, the sensors and radars of «Assistants» are now hidden under them.

In fairness It is worth saying that BMW I4 was designed with such accounting to create a modern electric car, while the beginning of its production should have been not too «tense» for existing production processes. As noted in a press release, the main difference between #bmw i4 from the architecture of the KHS car is the presence of an electric drive and high-voltage traction battery. Changes in the technological process took only on floor assembly posts and rear. The remaining ~ 90% of existing processes in the body workshop remained virtually unchanged. Well, what, it can be said that the electric transformation for the Bavarian automaker is rather economical.

Price — from 58300 to 69540/75830/86549 €

Naturally, a pure electric car should be made using clean technologies, reducing the # carbon footprint, ranging from the first welding or clap. Therefore, the factory introduced a system for minimizing resource use. In particular, the reverse osmosis system reduces water consumption by six million liters per year. Water used in production is cleaned, and again is sent to production needs.

Electricity for production comes from regional # HPP. It is also planned, when delivering components from third-party suppliers, use electric trucks, instead of diesel — 750 trucks daily.

BMW made a good electric car. Brand lovers will appreciate it. True at the price he will not be able to compete with the same Tesla Model 3, and that is most likely not the main thing. The audience of BMW and Tesla is almost participants in the «fan clubs», with rare exceptions.

Following the BMW i4, the flagship # SUV will rise to the Munich Plant conveyor

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