Xiaomi will produce electric vehicles


What we could only guess about

We have already said that with the advent of the Internet of Things era and the transformation of electric vehicles from a traditional means of transportation to # gadgets on wheels, it is only natural that the telecom giants will want to conquer their place in the automotive industry. You have already read about the projects #apple, #foxconn, #huawei, Baidu in our materials. And if Apple has only plans and developments, then the Chinese comrades are already making a product for themselves, which is called «in hardware.» Now Xiaomi wants to expand into the automotive sector in China, thereby significantly expanding its mobile ecosystem and creating new revenue streams for the company.

Today, the Chinese company announced the creation of the #xiaomi ev car company with a registered capital of about $ 1.5 billion. Lei Jun, founder and CEO of Xiaomi, will act as the legal representative of the new company. Specifically, the line of electric vehicles, and even one prototype has not yet been presented. However, the company says that their

Moreover, it is worth noting that in developing their electric offensive offensive, #xiaomi uses the same tactics as Evergrande. Namely, he buys up startups and assets that can be useful for the implementation of this mission.

There is no doubt that such an active penetration of the Chinese telecommunications giants into the automotive sector will force Apple to be more active in this direction. Although, here the American company has experience, as they say, to jump directly into the kings. If you remember their «smartphone revolution», then they came to the sphere, which until then was dominated by Nokia, Motorola and others. But Apple, with its first appearance on this field, simply turned the chessboard over. The same can happen now.

The Chinese start, and Apple watches and draws conclusions. It seems that someone across the Atlantic has learned Chinese philosophy well …

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