Xos — the winding road of an electric mobility startup


Xos, named at the birth of Thor Trucks, has joined the ranks of electromobility companies that have entered the open market with their shares. After a merger with NextGen Acquisition Corporation, which was carried out specifically to go public, the new company was named Xos Inc, and is now listed on #nasdaq under the ticker «XOS». For the «native» Thor Trucks, this is a big step forward, despite all the twistiness of the path traveled so far.

Despite the not very successful debut on the exchange, #xos Inc has good prospects in its segment of the electric vehicle industry. Initially, the founders of the company wanted to establish the production of electric trucks that could compete with the #tesla semi. But as you know, so far # the electric truck from Tesla has not entered the conveyor, and the prototype of the Asgardian-Disepticon

But Xos decided to go the other way around. They offered the electric cargo platform they developed to third-party customers, and they were found.

Another large customer was #fedex. For them, Xos plans to supply 120 electric vans by early 2022.

But perhaps the most interesting solution the company has come to market with is the mega mobile charging station #xoshub Trailer. In fact, it is a # container, # trailer, which is filled with battery assemblies. There are solar panels on its roof. So, the energy in the mobile mega charger can be pumped both from the network and from solar panels.

The energy in such a battery container accumulates enough to

By the way, at some point, Xos even took part in the creation of an electric scooter. There is practically nothing special in this, only that the owners of such a scooter will be pleased to see a cool logo on their electric micromobility vehicle.

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