XPeng enhances its position in competition with Tesla


Chinese private automotive company XPeng, which is called one of the main competitors of Tesla on the inner Chinese market, announced that it starts work on expanding its plant in Zhaisine.

While XPeng on the volume of production and sales lags behind Tesla, but the company is already very popular in China, which is the statistics of its sales. In July, XPeng put 8040 electric vehicles, which became another monthly records. And in percentage, the growth was 228% compared to the same period last year. The company released to the market # crossover G3 and electric # sedan P7, which many called a direct competitor Tesla Model 3. In recent XPeng P7 tests, the highest active safety assessments are 98.51%. On the tests of the C-NCAP of emergency braking system (ABE), AEB on a collision between cars from behind and test AEB for pedestrians, the electrocar showed excellent results.

Also, Xpeng recently introduced his third model — Sedan P5. This model is even more advanced, including in the sense of autonomous and cloud technologies. The car turns out of just a means of movement in the assistant owner, making movement more secure, and helping to work promptly and effectively, if necessary.

And so, so as not to just consolidate your success from Chinese buyers, but to reach a new level, which will help the company to do in direct competition with Tesla, Xpeng and started expanding its manufacturing base. The capacity of the production complex in Zhaisine will be increased by 2 times, to the volume of the assembly of 200,000 cars per year. At this prom object, it will be the construction of the 2nd stage of the plant. When he will be ready for the beginning of production, it was not said, but remembering how fast the Chinese are able to build, it can be assumed that by the end of 2022 it will be ready for the launch of the conveyor.

But it is not still. Let me remind you that the company also builds the second plant in Uhana. Its power will be 100,000 electric vehicles per year. And the construction of the Third Plant is conducted in Guangzhou. Total we get that after a year and a half the potential production capacity of XPeng will be about 600,000 cars per year. And it will already be more or less comparable to #tesla production facilities in China.

But it is necessary to remember that no other companies, for example, #Nio, and #li Auto. They, too, with each month increase their popularity and recognition in Chinese and world car market. Every year electric cars, by the number of models, and by the number of produced, it will be more and more. Problems with raw materials for the main component of the electric vehicle, its battery, no. Lithium and now much is produced, and

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