XPeng P5.


On September 15, the Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer XPeng Inc. officially launched its third electric vehicle, the XPeng P5 family sedan. Well, we can state the fact that #xpeng turned out to be more agile than #tesla, and managed to launch an electric car on the market earlier at a price of a little

The price range for the XPeng P5 ranges from $ 24534 to $ 34789, depending on the configuration of the car, of which there will be 6.

According to the company, the XPeng P5 will be one of the smartest and safest vehicles in its class. In particular, this is provided by a complex of 32 sensors, which, among other things, include 12 ultrasonic radars, 5 mm-range radars, 13 high-resolution cameras, a high-precision positioning unit providing 360-degree visual perception and a LiDAR complex. All this together allows you to accurately identify vehicles, pedestrians, small obstacles on the road, in tunnels, at night, in fog or in rainy and snowy conditions.

Depending on the volume of the traction battery, which are offered in three options (55.9 kWh, 66.2 kWh, 71.4 kWh), the mileage range varies from 460 km to 550 km and 600 km. The battery consists of cells with an energy density of 180 Wh / kg. The thermoregulation system, with a heat pump in its composition, allows to increase the range of mileage by 15% in winter, compared to if it were not on board.

The trunk volume of an electric car is 450 liters, which is quite roomy.

We can say that in this segment, the Chinese company was able to bypass Tesla. XPeng will have a good head start at this price point until the Chinese

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