XPeng Shows Olympic Record Growth in Electric Vehicle Sales


The Chinese electric vehicle company XPeng (Xiaopeng Motors) can rightfully be considered one of the backbones in the Chinese auto industry. At the very least, the dynamics of growth of their sales in the domestic market suggests that their products have received recognition from the consumer and have a good price-quality ratio.

The company released June sales figures that were overwhelmingly positive for XPeng.

Naturally, half-yearly results are just as good. During the period from January to the end of June, there were

There are now only two electric vehicles in the company’s lineup. This is a # crossover

XPeng will soon add the P5 sedan to its EV lineup, which was unveiled earlier this year.

Strong growth in sales of XPeng’s electric vehicles has enabled the company to confidently list its shares on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Trading stocks of a company with a ticker

Dear readers, XPeng electric vehicles have also come to our Russian market, so in the near future we will prepare several video materials with a detailed story about these cars and conduct a series of test drives.

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