Yandex robots found a way to American students through hamburgers


You think that only Google is omnipresent, so you are wrong. Our Yandex also does not waste time, and finds its way to American youth «through the stomach».

More precisely, Yandex, namely

Students will be able, through a special application, which they have been using for a long time, to order a delivery of the product they have chosen in the network, and the order will be brought to them by an autonomous rover #yandex. Imagine, no migrant couriers, no tips, just a #Russian robot. This will of course be very convenient and beneficial for students. However, recalling that in previous years, the American establishment periodically had phobias about «Russian hackers», and there was practically a trade war with the Chinese telecommunications company #huawei, it can be assumed that some exalted #politicians may well raise the banner again. «

Autonomous, robotic # delivery vehicles have become very much in demand, especially against the background of the waves of lockdown that swept the world, and the transfer of part of the educational process and some office work to «remote», that is, online. And here, at the most opportune time, it is the autonomous delivery robots that turn out to be. Both sides of this process get advantages — the lack of direct contact between people, savings on staff (one operator can monitor and control the operation of dozens of machines), and money savings for the customers themselves. Rovers will come to the customer at any time of the day, when the customer needs it.

In Russia, these #rovers can already be found in some places, since they deliver through the # yandex.eats and # Yandex.stavka services. In the US, since mid-spring this year, they’ve been delivering food orders from local restaurants in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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