Yuan Maine — Chinese Retro Futurism for Retro Hipster


It can be said that today cars of various brands are difficult to distinguish each other. They are in many ways similar. But in fact, this is not a sign of our time, and the designers have been isolated and can no longer think of something original, and so that it does not interfere with the functionality. At all stages of the automotive industry, the overall style of cars was about the same. And if something is knocked out of the rank, now it is, or something futuristic, such as Tesla Cybertruck, or something in retro design.

Make a serial car in retro design, for this not every manufacturer will decide. The only thing I can remember successful in this direction is #chrysler Pt Cruiser, and with a big stretch #vw beetle.

For me, so PT Cruiser was more authentic, especially recalling the shape of the hood and the front wheel arches. But this is a matter of taste.

China also has its own car history, and brand

Here, as well as the Chrysler Pt Cruiser, clearly selected wheels and front hood. Massive radiator grille, round headlights, and the back of a practically decorative trunk door. That is, with the outside of the cocoon, retro are observed. And on this retro side of the car ends. Further, only «futurism», well, or «current modernity».

Interior «Yuan Meng» is a luxury and manufacturability. Everything is almost like a modern luxury car or electric car. Multiple, digital displays, buttons and sensors. True here, too, there are elements of retro-style, these are round air ducts of the climate system.

As for the motor installation, it is only known that the car is equipped with a hybrid DHT system used by Wey Latte, which consists of an engine 1.5T + electric motor. The total power of the system is 238 hp Torque 530 nm. Transmission — 9-speed hybrid with dual coupling DHT130.

The exact characteristics of the electrical component and the capacity of the battery, as well as the purely electrical range of find out. It is likely that it will be possible to find out after the next Chinese car dealership.

The company focuses that the main buyers of this car will be the so-called retro hipsters. They are important # vintage design and modern, advanced filling. Yuan Maine will not be fully serial car, in the usual understanding of this definition. It will be the base for the line

That is, it will be a truly # designer car. First, the hybrid, and then completely rechargeable, since the Wey and #Great Wall Motors in general in a few years will completely turn on the electric drive.

We also have our own car history in Russia, and in principle there is also soil for such projects. Agree, it would be nice to see in the stream # zis, «

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